22 September, 2006

Gen X And Gen Y Bookstore Employees Showing Their Age

Guy: "I used to love the Berenstain Bears. Then they betrayed me! My mom brought home 'The Berenstain Bears And Too Much TV' and I knew that night, no Sheriff Lobo."
Girl: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Guy: "Things from way before you were born, I guess."



LKBM said...

THey later made chapter books and--a couple years ago--an animated show.

I liked the books of which he spoke a lot. The chapter books weren't as good. My mom stopped buying them after they introduced a homeschooled kid who was all socially maladjusted until he went to public school.

Yeah, I was homeschooled.

phil said...

then you must be socially maladjusted

Tim said...

I remember that one: The Berenstain Bears And The Homeschooled Kid Who Was All Socially Maladjusted Until He Went To Public School!!!