07 March, 2007

The Answer Is Yes

Girl In Sleeping Bag Outside Music Club, To Stranger Walking By: "Yeah, okay, we're waiting for a Hanson concert. Wanna make fun of us now?"



LKBM said...

'Overheard by Isaac'

Isaac Hanson?

Tim said...

Ha! I wish.... How cool would it be to be have your own fans acknowledge that your generally considered kinda lame?

Kim said...

I was the one who said that. . and I wasnt acknowledging that they are kind of lame, because they aren't. I was acknowledging the ignorance non-fans have of Hanson and thier talent. I'm wondering who the lame people are since you guys are the ones who are posting about something I, a nameless girl from Rhode Island said outside a music club one day. haha.

LKBM said...

'You guys'? No one here said they are kind of lame, merely that they're 'generally considered kinda lame'. I like them. (Not that I've heard any newer stuff by them.)