13 May, 2007

Overheard Lines Is On Hiatus For A Week

"Take the opportunity to write down what the person sitting next to you just said and send it in."



Paul said...

I was walking home yesterday when I overheard a girl, on her cellphone, talking to a friend about her boyfriend, at least I guess it was her boyfriend.

Anyway, the girl was saying about how her boyfriend had applied for a job, working at a college, and had falsely claimed to have got some kinda diploma, only he claimed to have earned the diploma at the college he was applying to work at, so only a matter of moments for his application to be dismissed when they found out he was lying.

Tim said...

Hey, thanks for all the lines, folks! People sent a lot while we we're on vacation; you'll start seeing them shortly.

incognito said...

this one's not overhear, though!!!!

text message received from an office mate who's on leave....

sophie, im not coming today, i slipped out of the bath tub, and i still have pain on my bottocks!!!!!