08 September, 2007

Girls In Need Of Remedial Geography

Girl 1: "Do people live in South America?"
Girl 2: "Duh, that's where Spain is."



Miss Miscellaneous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you run out of the good stuff because that one a little over done. Hope to see what you come up with next


Dragonfly Nightmare said...

I love this blog since I discovered it
Spanish people always suspected that North Americans do not know were Spain is...but I never trust it so much.
A huge kiss from Spain for those who know

Olive Duster said...

Mother said to me this morning, "I'm not done with 'An Inconvenient Truth' so don't tell me how it ends."

Carito... said...

thats true
stupid girls think like that!
im from argentina, in Latinoamerica.

Iris Took said...

Nice. Were they Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton perhaps?

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant.

Henry said...

nice blog!

shiraz. said...

Haha, lovely blog.

monstrasbliss said...

this is funny because i overheard two ditsy girls the other day

ash:we should ask if hes looking at us, yeah?!
wailana:(in that annoying air head whiny tone) yeah, but we dont want to sound dumb.

totally funny!

Sekara said...

This is hilarious because the other day my friend, who is Japanese-American, had a similar conversation with a girl at a bar.

Steve: Yeah, I was born in Japan.
Girl: Oh, so you're Chinese, right? Cool.

naked politics said...

Good Lord- another happy reason for homeschooling.
Great Blog!


Milky said...