04 September, 2007

'No Hablo Pizza'

Old Man Ordering Food At Italian Restaurant:
Man: "I'll have the spaghetti Mariana."
Waitress: "Do you mean Mar-IN-ara?"
Man: "Yeah, that. I dont speak Italian."



Athena-Liana Smith said...

I have heard worse!:)))

Anonymous said...

Old man in eastern North Carolina Greek/Italian bistro:
Man: "I'd like a small sausage pie-zaaaa."
Waitress: "You want fries with that?"

Evangelist said...
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Teddy Mercury said...

This site is hilarious. I check it everyday. I wish I thought of it first, but you guys do a great job. Keep it up.

Firegirl said...

hehheeee wow. nice nice nice. FABULOUS>
can i also give some??

yankeebaby said...

ha nice!

iq_two said...

My name's Marina and people often call me both Mariana and Marinara.