23 April, 2008

Homeless Guy In The Mission, Yelling To His Friend

"Dude, you better be careful, cause if you die, I'm gonna be mad as hell at you. And if your ghost comes back, I'll kill it!"



The Coconutter said...

That reminds me of something one of my classmates said in high schoool: "I say we kill her and then bury her alive!" :D

Tabbi said...

haha - really good blog! i'll keep on reading it.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, really funny, we love it. Reminds us of the section in our university paper: "the lecturer said what?" Keep up the great work.
PS do you think it would be possible for us to post about your site on our blog Hilariously You? (http://hilariously-you.blogspot.com)

MarkyB said...

That's a bit disturbing! ;-)