15 May, 2008

'Wrong' Is A Four-Letter Word

Girl: "What's your locker combo? Isn't it 'cheese'?"
Guy 1: "It needs to be five letters..."
Guy 2: "Cheese is a five-letter word."



jaded_conformist said...
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jaded_conformist said...

This is as counterintuitive as locking the door to your house and throwing your spare key to the next person that just happens to be walking by.

Just leave the lock off!


Anonymous said...

We had numbers. Can't kids remember numbers any more? Too much coddling!! :-)

Toby Lurio said...

What happened is that there were a couple of kids that wanted to get into my locker. They asked me if the locker combo was cheese. I played along with it. It was actually salad, so it wasn't too far off.

Gina said...

Naw, always go for grape. No repeat letters. :D Actually, I've never had one of those word locks, I always just remeber the number combinations anyway.


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