13 June, 2008

Overheard Lines: The One-Act Play

Guy: "Your cottage at the lake sounds like a good time. Does it have air conditioning?"
Girl: "Uh, no, it doesn't even have a shower!"
Guy: "So, all those times you asked me to go up there, and you never mentioned that it didn't have a shower or AC?"
Girl: "Yeah, we're like the Beverly Hillbillies of the lake."
Guy: "Where do you shower then?"
Girl: "We don't. Or if we do, we do it in the lake."
Guy: "You shower IN the lake?!?"
Girl: "Yeah, do you know how embarrassing it is to stick a loofa between your legs in front of your uncle?"
Guy: "Can't say that I do..."



JusMe said...

... wow.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, when I bathe in a lake, I totally skip the loofah.

The Coconutter said...

(cue curtain, end scene)

pilgrimchick said...

Huh. I've embarrassed myself a lot of times, but never in this way.

Alicia said...

That is so wrong on several levels. Not to mention I couldn't stop thinking about how abrasive a loofah would be in that particular location.

Iris Took said...

See you at Clark Lake!

Josh Carter said...

This is by far the best Overheard Lines I've ever read so far.

Made me laugh like mad for hours! (Yes, I'm pathetic that way)

PG said...

I thought of this one in English class today, whilst showing Romeo and Juliet, and I started laughing out loud! The pupils just stared at the looney teacher . . .

The whole 'uncle' thing has me thnking of Ellie-Mae and Uncle Jed, too, since the girl mentioned the Beverly Hillbillies.

Just so many things wrong wth that conversation, on so many levels.