21 July, 2008

Starbucks Baristas Are Trained To Be Upbeat And Friendly

Barista: "So what are you doing today?"
Woman: "Going to a funeral."
Barista: "Oh, that should be fun!"



Paradox Philic said...

This is really funny!!

Alicia said...

Oh! Oww. My sides are aching. This reminds me of a friend whose granmother put out napkins with balloons and the word PARTY on them for grandpa's funeral.

Julie said...

Yeah! My oherheard line made it on the site. After I heard this I looked at the woman and said "I don't think she heard you." The woman smiled while looking horrified at the same time.

Gina said...

Are they trained to respond that way to anything that people tell them, or is it just so automatic that no matter what anyone says, that's what comes out of her mouth???