02 February, 2009

'And A Diet Coke...'

Woman: 'I'd like the full fry-up, please, with extra bacon. And two slices
of toast and marmalade.'
Assistant: 'Do you want butter or margarine on the toast?'
Woman: 'Oh, marmalade. I'm on a diet.'



Gina said...

This is America. Enough said.

psycoticsinginchick said...

Did she just answer "butter or margarine" with "marmalade"?

I get those people at work all the time. You gotta laugh at stupid people.

Tim said...

I believe this happened in England. Still enough said? :)

P. said...

Everything is buttered here. I was raised in a British family (although in the US), and we spent out childhood with butter running down our forearms to our elbows. You buttered hotdog and hamburger buns, every cooked veg, steaks (after cooking), you name it. PBJs had butter on the bread first, before the PB and J. Tuna sandwiches did, too. ALl of them. Butter it. Butter the toast, then decide what goes on it.

Back to the post, maybe the fry-up was for someone else, and the toast for the dieter?? People do order for someone else . . . That said, there's nothing more disgusting than looking at a breakfast fry-up. NEVER had one, never will. Google Image it if you don't believe me.

Gina said...

Maybe I should have said that this is classic behavior of people who think eating low-fat food in mass quantities will make them thinner. I just assumed this was in America because I read it quickly and it was about a stupid person in denial, which I see a lot of in Connecticut. It's still funny though. :)