18 February, 2009

Michael Scott Wannabe

Bank Teller: "Hey, today is Friday the 13th! Scaaaarry!"
Manager: "Yep. And I hope you're abducted, then killed by a masked murderer."
Bank Teller: "What?! Oh my God, you're evil!"
Manager: "Yeah, so...'good kill' to you!"
Bank Teller: "What???"
Manager: "Like when you wish someone 'good will'...only in this case you wish people 'good kill'."
Bank Teller: "Oh...."
Manager: "No, but seriously. I'd feel kinda bad if that really happened to you."
Bank Teller: "No, you wouldn't. You would laugh at the irony."
Manager: "Yeah, you're right...."



Kai said...

awesome. I'd laugh too. but just for a minute.

Me said...

Except . . . what irony? I'm tired of people using that word who don't know what it means.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that *is* right out of The Office. It's like Michael and ... hmm, Kelly?

The Coconutter said...

Actually this is a more or less perfect example of irony.