26 March, 2008

'Some Names Are Just Too Un-American To Handle'

Omry: "I want a meal number five."
Jack-In-The-Box Worker: "Okay. Anything else?"
Omry: "No."
Jack-In-The-Box Worker: "Okay. What's your name?"
Omry: "Omry."
Jack-In-The-Box Worker: "Uhhh.... Mike?"
Omry: (sighs) "...Mike."



jadedconformist said...

haha. Not even close, but yeah - no use in arguing.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! Or sad, I'm not sure which. They don't pay those guys minimum wage for nothing!

Tace said...


Anonymous said...

hahahah great one, wow That happens to me all the time, so since no one tries to say my name i stoped trying to pronounce peoples names.

me: Aka the child said...

that is halarious, i have a hard name to pronounce so at the doctors when the nurses stare at the paper, i know that it is me... lol